Teagan’s First Visit to EmeryDDS

Aug 29, 2011   //   by Emery & Emery Team   //   News  //  Comments Off on Teagan’s First Visit to EmeryDDS

Teagan's Dental ExperienceThank you Dr. Alyson for showing Teagan what a positive experience the dentist can be! The night before our appointment, Teagan told me she was scared to go to the dentist. Even after I talked about it with her, she was still very nervous. I was honestly expecting her to cry and need to sit on my lap, but the way you approached it with her made her feel safe. When I asked her to sit on my lap she responded, “No mommy, it’s my turn! I do it all myself!” She had so much fun playing with the big toothbrush and teeth, counting her teeth with you, and getting them polished! Top all that off with choosing a toy from the toy chest and we had one happy toddler! “Look at my shiny teeth,” was what we heard Teagan say the rest of the day. Teagan will turn 3 at the end of October and already loves the dentist because of the positive environment you and your office created for her. I cannot thank you enough!

Written by Teagan’s mother Amber Nichols

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