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Doctors Alyson and Doug Emery have been practicing dentistry in Long Beach since 1985. Together they have successfully treated thousands of patients. We offer a wide range of solutions to any dental need for you and your family. They are both widely considered as two of the best dentists in Long Beach.

Both Drs. Emery have their Associate Fellowships in Laser Dentistry and each completes more than 50 hours of continuing dental education every year.  Dr. Doug does some extractions and root canal therapy, and Dr. Alyson enjoys treating the children in their practice.

Why Emery & Emery DDS

Let Us Brighten Your smile!
Our dentists have been serving the Greater Long Beach community since 1985.
We offer everything from General Dentistry to Cosmetic Dentistry to Oral Surgery.
We utilize some of the latest dental technology such as CADCAM dentistry for dental restorations in one day and fully Digital X-Ray.
Your health is our top priority and your beautiful smile is top of mind.

Our Dental Team

Professional and Highly Trained.

Our Dental Services

Quality Dentistry.
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Dental Technology

Utilizing advanced dental treatment facilities and equipment.

general dentistry
General Dentistry

Experts in general dentistry for adults and children.

cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry specialists with expertise in porcelain veneers, bonding, bonding fillings and teeth whitening.

oral surgery
Oral Surgery

Simple extractions, biopsies, and other oral surgery procedures are performed at the office. Our expertise helps you to better manage your overall dental care.

Dental Implants & Restorations

We provide dental implants and tooth replacements for adults.

insurance and financing
Insurance & Financing

We provide insurance billing and access to payment options.

Our Patients

Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!

Make your dream smile a reality!

Latest Dental News

Stay Informed on Oral and Dental Care.
Vaping Effects on Dental Health

We have been receiving more questions about how vaping affects a person’s dental health. Vaping has been said to be better than traditional smoking because it does not produce secondhand smoke; however, it is not any better for your dental health.

What Is Tartar and Why Does It Build up on Our Teeth?

As humans, we all have good and bad bacteria in our mouth. The bad bacteria combine with proteins and food byproducts also in our mouth to form a sticky film called dental plaque. This gunk coats our teeth, gets under our gum line, and sticks to fill

What is Dental Erosion?

Dental erosion is caused by repeatedly exposing teeth to acid over time. You may notice changes in the appearance of your teeth and pain or sensitivity with your teeth. Common sources of acid include acidic foods or drinks, acid reflux, and vomiting.

Macular Degeneration Linked to Periodontitis

Many clinical studies link chronic periodontitis to various systemic disorders. A study conducted by the Dental College of Georgia that was presented at the 2018 American Association for Dental Research meeting demonstrated the link between the causa

How Did I Get a Cavity?

We know that cavities are bad and that we don’t want them, but have you ever wondered how a cavity forms in a tooth? You probably also know that plaque and tartar are bad to have on our teeth, and heard that they hold bacteria which can cause probl

Bad Breath

We’ve all smelled it. We’ve all had it. We don’t like it. What causes it? What can we do to prevent it?   Watch an entertaining video published in 2015 by TED-Ed to learn more about Bad Breath. Enjoy viewing and learning! ~Kaylin Cannon, R

Plaque and Tartar; What’s the Difference?

Many patients ask me, “What is the difference between Plaque and Tartar?” Plaque is a sticky substance made from leftover food, saliva and bacteria. If plaque is not removed, it calcifies and becomes tartar. The bacteria in plaque causes

Should I Use Mouthwash, and If So Which One(s) Are Recommended?

This is a question we often get in our practice and using a mouthwash as an adjunct to regular brushing and flossing can be beneficial for some of the following reasons: A mouthwash containing fluoride (such as ACT) helps fight cavities by strengthen