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Oral Health for the Elderly

As we age our oral health care may become even more important. My father is 94 years old and I bring him to our office regularly for cleanings and check-ups. Recently he had a cavity larger than anyone he has ever had before, but we were able to take care of it with a filling. If he had not been coming regularly it could have become a larger problem. As we become older we are prone to more cavities and other oral problems for a number of reasons.

One common cause of cavities is dry mouth which is a side effect of over 500 medications. As we age we are also more prone to gum disease (periodontal disease). Gum disease is caused by bacteria in the mouth and is often a painless condition until it is very advanced. Advanced gum disease not only leads to tooth loss, but can enter your bloodstream and damage other parts of your body including your heart. With regular dental visits gum disease can be treated or prevented entirely.

Finally, research tells us that the average age of people being diagnosed with cancers of the mouth, throat and tongue is 62. At your regular dental check-up in our office Dr. Doug and Dr. Alyson routinely do an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer typically does not cause pain and early detection saves lives.

Our building does have elevator access for anyone uncomfortable or unable to use the stairs. We would love to provide dental care to your elderly loved ones.

~Dr. Alyson

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As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation continues to evolve, the latest quarantine suggests our office will be closed until June 1st. Dr. Alyson and Dr. Doug will continue to be available for emergency care. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time we are thinking about all of our dental family patients and want them all to stay safe.