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Gummy Vitamins, Should We Eat Them?

Those cute, colorful and tasty gummy vitamins seem like a good invention but if it’s in a candy form, one wonders if it’s really a good option for consumption.

According to an article by a website called healthline, the author states first that vitamins are not necessary for a person to take if he or she is eating a proper, balanced diet which provides the recommended vitamins and minerals needed.

For adults and children who need supplements but cannot swallow vitamins, or do not like the taste of chewable tablets, these vitamins sound like a good option.

What about the sugar content?  The sugar content is definitely higher than what is in a regular vitamin, so for those who need to limit sugar intake, the gummy vitamins may not be an ideal choice.  And for those who choose to consume them (maybe even a few times a day), and have diabetes or tend to over-consume sugars, they should limit them consumption or maybe they should avoid them altogether depending on their health issues.

The fact that gummies are sweet and sticky is not good for dental health, so those who consume them should brush their teeth thoroughly after eating them.

As for safety, the article states that gummy vitamins are not currently regulated by the FDA. What is contained in those gummy vitamins may not actually be what is stated on the label.

There are definitely Pros and Cons to consider.  The consumer ought to know their own (or their children’s) health situation, and be aware of issues regarding these candy-like vitamins before deciding whether or not to take them or feed them to their children.  Perhaps, in some cases it’s wiser to stick to traditional powder-form vitamins, and deal with the taste rather than risk other health and dental issues for a product that may not even be true to its description.

To read the full article, click on the link:  https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/gummy-vitamins#downsides

~Sue and Kaylin

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