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Why Are My Gums Receding?

There are a number of reasons that could be contributing to your gum recession.

  • brushing aggressively
  • using tobacco products
  • grinding and clenching
  • periodontal disease

How can you prevent gum recession?

Keeping a healthy mouth is easier than you think.

  • start by visiting the dentist at least twice a year or the recommended time frequency for you. A dental professional will be able to monitor any changes of gum recession.
  • using an electric toothbrush prevents you from brushing aggressively. Instead of scrubbing yourself, the electric will do all the work for you at a standard speed.
  • flossing daily will exercise your gums and keep your gums tight around the tooth.
  • use a tongue scraper to minimize the bacteria growing on your tongue.
  • if you clench and/or grind, it is important to protect your teeth with a guard. Your dental office is able to make you a custom fit guard.

~Elizabeth Saputo

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