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Tag: Dental Hygiene

What is Dental Erosion?

Dental erosion is caused by repeatedly exposing teeth to acid over time. You may notice changes in the appearance of your teeth and pain or sensitivity with your teeth. Common sources of acid include acidic foods or drinks, acid reflux, and vomiting. Use of a straw for beverages, rinsing your mouth with water or milk […]

Natural vs Synthetic Toothbrush

Both synthetic and natural toothbrush bristle types are available today although synthetics are much more common. Nylon and polyester are the main synthetic materials used for toothbrush bristles. Before synthetics became the norm for toothbrush bristles, boar and horse hair bristle types only were used. A natural bristle brush is more porous and will tend […]

World Oral Health Day 2017

Organized by the World Dental Federation, World Oral Health Day is celebrated globally every year on March 20. The international awareness campaign was launched in 2013 to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health and its significance in safeguarding general health and well being. According to the World Dental Federation, oral diseases affect […]