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Tag: Oral Health

Marijuana Use Impacts Oral Health

Researchers have found that marijuana use has significant impact on oral health. The following bullet points for example: Alveolar bone loss Gingivitis and periodontal disease Gingival hyperplasia (excess gum growth) Gingival leukoplakia (abnormal white strands on mucosa) Increased appetite for unhealthy food and drinks Oral cancer Oral thrush (yeast infection) Poor oral hygiene and diet […]

Medical Health Histories

Many patients ask our staff, “Why do I always have to update my health history?” There are many reasons. First, a current health history aids the doctor in providing an accurate diagnosis for your oral health. Systemic and even diet changes often result in oral abnormalities. Second, many medications interact with one another and for […]

Digital Dental X-Rays

We know our patients are concerned about x-ray exposure in our dental office. Your x-rays are taken only as necessary and as recommend by the American Dental Association. However, we have obtained the latest technology for the health and safety of our patients. Our new DEXIS Digital x-rays with DENTRIX integration reduce the radiation exposure […]